Billy McFarland the Great Founder of Magnises

William (Billy) McFarland is an American technical entrepreneur, he was born on December 11th, 1991 in New York, but raised in Short Hills, New Jersey. He is the founder and CEO of both Magnises (2013) and Spling (2010). McFarland attended college for a brief time at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania to study computer engineering, and decided it wasn’t for him.

That is when he made his first company (Spling). Even as a child he was exceptionally gifted with business, he would sneak phones into high school to handle work related business.

Both companies are doing exceedingly well, especially Magnises, which is a thin metal black card designed specifically for the millennial generation. According to Crunchbase, Billy McFarland wanted to make something that was appealing to the younger crowd, so it includes an application on smartphone devices.

Whats so great about this card? It gives exclusive perks to members. Some of those perks include but are not limited to; party invitations, private concerts, discounts at restaurants, and special reservations for luxurious getaways. Currently there are over 6,000 members and counting, all clients pay an annual fee of $250 (not a bad price for all those benifits).

At just 23 years old he has raised 3 million in funding, just from one of his companies. Currently Magnises is only available in New York and Washington DC, but Billy McFarland plans to expand far and wide. He believes this can be the bridge that brings together people who work in different fields of work on a social, and professional level.

Leaps and Bounds: The OSI Group

It speaks tremendous volumes for a food company to have not only taken 2016’s prestigious Globe of Honour Award bestowed upon them by the British Safety Council, but to have received this same award in 2013 and also 2015. The American held OSI Group has completed that feat. The Globe of Honour Award is given to companies who have demonstrated excellence in environmental management, something which OSI Food Solutions UK has shown time and again.

To first even be allowed to compete for this award, a company must achieve the maximum of five stars in a predetermined audit scheme time period given by the British Safety Council. Along with gaining these five stars, the company must also prove their excellence in their environmental management throughout their entire business, bottom to top, to an independent panel of experts. This is most definitely an award of the highest honor.

The OSI Group has not only continued to show their excellence in front of the British Safety Council, they have made a massive leap onto 2016’s Top 100 Food and Beverage Companies in the World list. After not having previously appeared on said list, they make an impressive showing, coming in at number 66. It certainly helps when OSI can boast over 60 locations in 16 different countries.

Not willing to rest on their laurels, the OSI Group made a few significant purchases in 2016. First up was their purchase of a Tyson Foods plant in Chicago, which happens to be located close to other OSI Chicago facilities. The purchase of Tyson allows OSI the infrastructure needed to support their continued business growth. Shortly after this purchase, OSI obtained Baho Food in attempt to create an even broader presence in Europe. Baho Food is known for manufacturing deli meats, convenience food and snacks. The five companies Baho held and now carry the OSI logo serve customers in 18 different countries. Finally and most recently, OSI has acquired Flagship Europe from the Aurora, Colorado-based Flagship Food Group. With this purchase, the OSI Group continues to plant a strong foothold in the European Food market.

A company on the rise, one striving for continued excellence, the OSI Group is ready to jump into 2017. Click here to learn more about OSI Group.

Everybody needs a little NTC

National Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) is a service that allows you to ensure that your titles are without defect. This is crucial should you be looking to buy a home with a mortgage – given that your mortgage lender may have stipulations against wording, failure to include signatures, previous liens on the property (which can be a huge problem in and of itself) or any failure to record or file real estate procedures. Title defects became a major issue in the real estate market in June 2014, when NTC, National Title Clearing Inc, responded to distress calls where some people felt as if there were wrongful foreclosures. Others felt they contributed to stagnation, a prolonged period with little or no progress. NTC responded to this with the key to reducing the risk of buyback or inability to foreclosure, while ensuring a clear title endowment. Title effects commonly occur when someone claims a property that actually isn’t theirs, although there are a few factors that could make the title invalid such as simple issues with wording within the document that fails to comply with the real estate standards for the area and the failure to follow procedures when recording real estate documents. Also, if the signature of a party was failed to be included and that the title needs to be free of encumbrances to be marketable.


NTC recently released the ability to have property reports via online ordering. NTC executives took steps to make the process of securing property reports simple. The company’s goal is to provide simple, quick, reliable, step by step process of obtaining property reports. Their services are based on a trusted research conducted from real land records and are available for any property nationwide. NTC also obtains data from other sources during this process, but more importantly the countries which includes human verification and automation. This particular practice gives NTC the capability to provide several of the top lenders in the US, which is of course under extremely heavily analyzed regulations to conform. Officials say their process accurately produces results for what the report was intended. They recognize the financial impact that reports can cause if a client is ordering an excessive amount of fields that may result to be useless in the end which is why the company focuses on fully understanding what the client would like to see for end results. Once that information has been gathered, they pursue properties that fit the data that was included.


National Title Clearing, Inc. was founded in 1991, is privately owned based in Palm Harbor, Florida. NTC provides services to investors including eight of the US’s top residential mortgage services. The company also provides leading research and document-processing and is recognized for achieving the most high-level of accuracy and premium quality. NTC assists the mortgage banking industry while saving the nation’s land reports and delivers protection to homeowners as well. NTC’s expansion is linked to their contribution to their industry and has won the “higher power” award for the second year in a row in 2013 for “putting Americans back to work.”


Learn more:

How to Get the Most Out of Your Auto Loan

There are certain situations where it makes more sense to refinance your auto loan than to continue paying down your current one. This process is usually quick and painless and often consists of minimal fees! It is important to remember that refinancing is not for everyone, but in some situations it certainly does make the most sense.


When interests rates drop more than a couple of points, refinancing may in fact slash my payments. Sometimes when you purchase a vehicle, you quite frequently can get a terrifyingly high interest rate. If you happen to notice that the interest rates have dropped since you purchased your new vehicle, you may be able to save some money by refinancing your loan. Even just a percentage point can make a very big difference in the life of a loan! Interest rates are also affected by your credit. When you pay off debt, you raise your credit score! When this happens, you may be able to get an even better interest rate for your vehicle! Even just a few months of on-time payments can lower your rates.


Sometimes, you end up with a high interest rate even after doing everything right. You have a high credit score, your credit history is sparkling, but for some reason you just couldn’t get a low interest rate when buying your dream car. When you are paying extra on an interest rate, that extra profit is going to the dealership. In this case, it would also make the most sense to refinance and save you some extra cash each month! Refinancing can save you as much as $1,400 every year for the remainder of your loan!


The easiest part of the process of refinancing is finding a lender! Ignition Financial is a provider who can help you in the process of refinancing your loan! They are experts at matching their customers with the best possible financing option for the customer! In a tight economy, it can save you money to refinance your auto loan. They also provide a loan calculator to help you determine a payment that will fit into your monthly budget! Talk to someone with Ignition Financial to help get all of your questions answered.

Wessex Institute of Technology Holds Seminars on Energy and Air Pollution

The Wessex Institute of Technology is located in the scenic New Forest National Park. It serves the scientific community around the world. They promote an exchange of information between academics and professional working in the field of science. The Wessex Institute of Technology holds professional scientific seminars by qualified professors and scientists around the world in different locations.

Recently they held a seminar on energy efficient buildings. It was held at Anhurst Lodge. The speaker was Professor Todorka Samardzioska, from St. Cyril and Methodius University in the Republic of Macedonia. The topic discussed was about energy efficienct buildings and alternative energy sources.

Professor Samardzioska said that 60% of the buildings energy in Macedonia is related to heating and cooling. New technologies are required to achieve goals to save energy. Building require insulation, and renewable energy. She participated in the Smart Energy Program of Europe that studied reducing carbon emissions and saving energy.

This project studied carbon emissions in Europe and looked for new ways to reduce them. They studied a number of different types of buildings and styles. Thermal bridges were studied with solutions for the problem. Some solutions were higher walls and applying higher level of insulation. Some buildings had floor heating systems installed.

The seminar produced a lively round of questions and discussion. The Wessex Institute of Technology has many scientific seminars throughout the year on different topics. This year a seminar on air quality management, modeling, and forecasting was held. Dr. Paulo Zannetti who works at the The EnviroComp Institute USA spoke and Dr. Delle Monache from the National Center for Atmosphric Research, USA.

This three day seminar covered many different topics with lectures and discussion. It covered air pollution in the US, health risk of pollution, air quality modeling and software, chemical data assimilation, and air quality forecasting. The first day the speakers covered general history and practices in the US and the world for dealing with air pollution.

The Prigogine Gold Medal Award Ceremony will be held for 2017 in at University of Seville on September 20th during the 12th International Conference on Regeneration and Sustainability. This award was started in 2004 by the University of Sienna and the Wessex Institute of Technology to honor the memory of Noble prize winner for chemistry Professor Illya Prigogine who died.

Cone Marshall And The Services They Offer

Cone Marshall is a law firm. It works in conjunction with global families together with their advisors. It helps by establishing trust in New Zealand companies and partnerships. It also offers worldwide advice on wealth planning. The firm does not work with individual clients. Learn more about Cone Marshall:

They work with family advisors, attorneys, private banks, and other institutions located outside New Zealand to help them on how to plan for their customers. Cone Marshall has set up New Zealand structures and offers trust, complete local tax, structuring advice, and succession. They maintain all confidential inquiries. They are guarded by legal professional privilege.

Cone Marshall has come out as an encouragement to many people due to the nature of work they do. This is according to an article on Hacronym about foreign taxes in the practice of law. The company has become New Zealand’s most prominent international and trust planning firm through the determination and hard work of Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone.

Geoffrey Cone’s counseling and litigator experience have assisted him to establish the firm to the vision they had in place. Cone Marshall was founded in 1999 by Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone. The company has since then continued to establish plans for international tax for over 17 years while retaining the same Excellency standards.

You first have to know the tax transparency of New Zealand before you clearly understand Cone Marshall. Nations that have tax transparency are involved in the international information exchange so as to enhance domestic tax laws enforcement.

This is what motivated Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone to start the firm. Cone Marshalls ensures that there is transparency in tax returns in New Zealand. This is why many companies have put their trust in them since they believe in the mission and their capabilities. The firm has also assisted many family advisors on how to go about certain law cases

Crunchbase reported that Cone Marshall has a team of employees who are very skilled. They know about issues regarding the law and tax. This has also contributed to the success of the company and has made it the firm to go to for many attorneys, legal advisors, and other law firms.

The Firm also takes pride in the reputation it has acquired for the over 17 years that it has been it law industry. It also attributes its success and growth to the real leadership of Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall.

Geoffrey Cone: the Cone Marshall Partner who Works with Global Families

Geoffrey Cone is an Otago University graduate; from New Zealand (LLB Honors). He also holds a post-graduate diploma in Trust Law and Tax. He commenced Law practice in 1980 in Auckland, New Zealand, and then moved to Christchurch as Partner and the Chairman of Partners. There, he specialized in tax and trust advisory, and commercial litigation work as leading counsel in the courts, including the Privy Council. Geoffrey also worked as a litigator in the British West Indies for two years.


In 1997 he returned to Auckland, where he established Cone Marshall Limited in 1999; the sole law firm in New Zealand to specialize in International Trust and Tax Planning. Cone Marshall offers trustee and trust management services through its associate companies. The office is situated at Parnell House, Auckland, New Zealand. Geoffrey and his American wife Sarah bought a 2.5ha Casa Marron property in Uruguay, five years ago, in an old fishing town in South America. His wife Sarah describes it as the perfect mix of rural and glamor due to the stunning modern houses on dirt roads, world-class restaurants fused with roadside vegetable plunks, and heavenly beaches.


Lawyer Geoffrey Cone’s feature on Foreign Trusts-New Zealand Herald Business News


The OECD Agreement on information exchange on taxation; a gold standard rate for tax transparency conforms to the international information exchange, to implement domestic tax laws. New Zealand is a significant pioneer on the OECD’s white list for implementing the international tax standard. The country has a reputation for demonstrated exceptional leadership regarding tax transparency, by handling foreign trusts to assist other governments that ask for relevant information.


Michael Cullen introduced new Zealand Tax rules in 2006. Under the NZ government, a local trustee of a foreign trust is obligated to present a foreign trust form (IR607) by the IRD and to maintain financial records for tax purposes. The required details include the recipient’s name and address, the trust agreement, settlements facts and distributions particulars of the trust’s assets/liabilities, and the trustee’s money. If the client runs a business, the trustee should maintain accounting systems, and records in English. Contrary to do so may attract heavy fines. These laws were improved by the passing of the world money laundering standard laws in 2011.


New Zealand has double tax contracts intended to cut tax impediments to cross-border trade and investments, and also to prevent fraud. The country has more than 20 tax information exchange agreements with foreign countries. Foreign trusts are mostly used for asset succession, protection, and planning. New Zealand is renowned globally as a secure, high-quality government with revered legal structures. Their respected foreign trusts professionals help to improve the country’s status in the OECD, and the world’s taxation experts. She also competes with tax transparent governments such as the U.S, Singapore, and Britain because they have parallel taxes principles concerning foreign trusts.



Omar Boraie Mints Fortunes from Dilapidated Downtown New Brunswick

Housing challenges are some of the problems associated with immigrations in most American Cities; However, Mr. Omar Boraie sees this as a golden opportunity to make money and to actively participate in the restoration of these towns.

Mr. Omar’s love for real estate was unforeseen since he had come to America to pursue a Ph.D. in Chemistry. Though he did not accomplish this mission, Omar is now a leading real estate development mogul with many development projects in New Jersey, Newark and Atlanta city.

Omar’s foresight has helped him create a real estate empire for himself, and he optimized the decision by Johnson and Johnson’s Pharmaceutical to stay in New Brunswick in 1975. He acquired old and neglected parcels in downtown Albany Street and transformed them into luxurious apartments and commercial buildings.

In 1988, Mr. Omar put up the Albany Street Plaza tower one just to test the market reception to high-end buildings in the downtrodden areas of New Brunswick. The reaction was terrific with building space selling out in less than two months. In 2007, Omar Boraie later constructed the second Tower, which received a similar reception; the building is located directly opposite the New Brunswick Train Station and has 250,000 square feet of leasing. His other commercial buildings include 390 George Street and one Rector Street, all constructed along Albany Street.

Read more: Boraie Development LLC Opens Leasing Center in New Brunswick, New Jersey

Through his company Boraie Development LLC, he has built one of the biggest luxury apartments on Albany Street, The Aspire. It is a 280-unit studio luxurious apartment block on; the building comes with a community kitchen, adequate parking, fitness center and a rooftop patio.

Always on the lookout for lucrative deals, he has worked with other developers such New Brunswick Development Company (Devco) in restoring the architectural beauty of the town on In all his major developments, Mr. Omar is a beneficiary of incentives of EDA’s Urban Transit Hub as well as several millions in tax credits.

Mr. Omar is the current president of Boraie Development LLC; a firm he founded over 30 years ago he runs it together with his son Mr. Wasseem Boraie, who is the company’s Vice President.

Born 79 years ago in Egypt, Mr. Omar is a generous man who donates in many charity events. He recently pledged $1.5 million to Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey. He also gives generously to health care institutions. Together with NBA’s former star Shaquille O’Neill, they raised funds to reopen an Atlantics City Boys and Girls summer camp hall.

Marc Sparks And The Starting A Business Process

 When it comes to starting a business, it is important for people to be able to follow some steps in order to insure the success of a business. One of the most important aspects of business success begins with a business model. Also, one needs some very important resources.

While a lot of people try to start a business, there are very few that actually succeed and become something. Among these people that have succeeded in their business is Marc Sparks. He has started a series of businesses and has figured out what it really takes in order to succeed in starting a business.

One thing that Marc Sparks says is important to the success of the business is a work environment. A business owner has to work in an environment that is collaborative, conducive and productive. Therefore, he has to make sure that he is surrounded by individuals that are oriented towards business goals and success.

He also has to be surrounded by individuals that would be available to help him succeed at what he is doing. This means being away from all distractions and other factors that could take him away from what he is doing.

According to Timber Creek Capital, One of the things that Marc Sparks advises is to not cut corners when it comes to the environment. He does list extreme examples of what he is talking about. One example that he has talked about was sitting in an office which has blacked out windows in a sketchy neighborhood.

Another thing he talked about is working in a retail space surrounded by successful or goal oriented people. His point is that the latter is more productive than the former in many cases. One thing that people can’t allow is distractions from the goal. This is one of the reasons that he recommends people find a space that is business oriented.

Michael Zomber’s Strong Zeal to Preserve History through Authorship, Film Production, and Antiques



Michael Zomber engages in a plethora of interesting activities ranging from the collection of antique guns, swords, armors, history preservation through the production of films, and philanthropic initiatives, all detailed in his website bio. His experience in preservation of history and antique collection spawns for more than forty years. He has made several appearances on the History Channel and educated the world about various antique guns. The Channel airs several series ranging from the Guns of the Orient, Tales of the Gun, Dueling Pistols, Gun of the Famous, and Automatic Pistols.


Storytelling abilities


Zomber has demonstrated his amazing story telling abilities by penning down several best-selling novels, thrilling documentaries, and screenplays. He is the publisher of Sweet Betsy and Son of Kentucky, interesting books that paint a clear picture of the American Civil War times in the mind of his readers. He is also the author of Soul of the Samurai, an exciting historical novel that brings the picture of Japan in the 17th century. Jesus and the Samurai is a publication by Zomber, which strives to enlighten the reader on Christianity in Japan. Some of his screenplays or novels are now available in the form of films or documentaries.


Other interests


Due to his prowess in the mastery of history, Zomber understands the consequences of civil war. He knows that war poses a threat to the peaceful co-existence of people. Therefore, he has been offering unconditional support to organizations that run programs that promote peace around the world. Amnesty International, Global Exchange, UNICEF, and Doctors Without Borders, are some of the movements that receive generous donations from Zomber.


About Michael Zomber


Together with his Wife, Michael Zomber owns Renascent Films LLC, a film firm with a global presence on IMDb. Through this company, he has produced and distributed many movies. He uses film production as a strategy for preservation of history. His historical novels encourage the readers and passionate historians to dedicate their efforts in the preservation of history. Zomber, his wife, and children reside in Philadelphia. He is academically gifted, and he holds a degree in Psychology and English Literature. He received a postgraduate degree in English Literature from the globally renowned UCLA.