Omar Boraie Mints Fortunes from Dilapidated Downtown New Brunswick

Housing challenges are some of the problems associated with immigrations in most American Cities; However, Mr. Omar Boraie sees this as a golden opportunity to make money and to actively participate in the restoration of these towns.

Mr. Omar’s love for real estate was unforeseen since he had come to America to pursue a Ph.D. in Chemistry. Though he did not accomplish this mission, Omar is now a leading real estate development mogul with many development projects in New Jersey, Newark and Atlanta city.

Omar’s foresight has helped him create a real estate empire for himself, and he optimized the decision by Johnson and Johnson’s Pharmaceutical to stay in New Brunswick in 1975. He acquired old and neglected parcels in downtown Albany Street and transformed them into luxurious apartments and commercial buildings.

In 1988, Mr. Omar put up the Albany Street Plaza tower one just to test the market reception to high-end buildings in the downtrodden areas of New Brunswick. The reaction was terrific with building space selling out in less than two months. In 2007, Omar Boraie later constructed the second Tower, which received a similar reception; the building is located directly opposite the New Brunswick Train Station and has 250,000 square feet of leasing. His other commercial buildings include 390 George Street and one Rector Street, all constructed along Albany Street.

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Through his company Boraie Development LLC, he has built one of the biggest luxury apartments on Albany Street, The Aspire. It is a 280-unit studio luxurious apartment block on; the building comes with a community kitchen, adequate parking, fitness center and a rooftop patio.

Always on the lookout for lucrative deals, he has worked with other developers such New Brunswick Development Company (Devco) in restoring the architectural beauty of the town on In all his major developments, Mr. Omar is a beneficiary of incentives of EDA’s Urban Transit Hub as well as several millions in tax credits.

Mr. Omar is the current president of Boraie Development LLC; a firm he founded over 30 years ago he runs it together with his son Mr. Wasseem Boraie, who is the company’s Vice President.

Born 79 years ago in Egypt, Mr. Omar is a generous man who donates in many charity events. He recently pledged $1.5 million to Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey. He also gives generously to health care institutions. Together with NBA’s former star Shaquille O’Neill, they raised funds to reopen an Atlantics City Boys and Girls summer camp hall.

Marc Sparks And The Starting A Business Process

 When it comes to starting a business, it is important for people to be able to follow some steps in order to insure the success of a business. One of the most important aspects of business success begins with a business model. Also, one needs some very important resources.

While a lot of people try to start a business, there are very few that actually succeed and become something. Among these people that have succeeded in their business is Marc Sparks. He has started a series of businesses and has figured out what it really takes in order to succeed in starting a business.

One thing that Marc Sparks says is important to the success of the business is a work environment. A business owner has to work in an environment that is collaborative, conducive and productive. Therefore, he has to make sure that he is surrounded by individuals that are oriented towards business goals and success.

He also has to be surrounded by individuals that would be available to help him succeed at what he is doing. This means being away from all distractions and other factors that could take him away from what he is doing.

According to Timber Creek Capital, One of the things that Marc Sparks advises is to not cut corners when it comes to the environment. He does list extreme examples of what he is talking about. One example that he has talked about was sitting in an office which has blacked out windows in a sketchy neighborhood.

Another thing he talked about is working in a retail space surrounded by successful or goal oriented people. His point is that the latter is more productive than the former in many cases. One thing that people can’t allow is distractions from the goal. This is one of the reasons that he recommends people find a space that is business oriented.

Michael Zomber’s Strong Zeal to Preserve History through Authorship, Film Production, and Antiques



Michael Zomber engages in a plethora of interesting activities ranging from the collection of antique guns, swords, armors, history preservation through the production of films, and philanthropic initiatives, all detailed in his website bio. His experience in preservation of history and antique collection spawns for more than forty years. He has made several appearances on the History Channel and educated the world about various antique guns. The Channel airs several series ranging from the Guns of the Orient, Tales of the Gun, Dueling Pistols, Gun of the Famous, and Automatic Pistols.


Storytelling abilities


Zomber has demonstrated his amazing story telling abilities by penning down several best-selling novels, thrilling documentaries, and screenplays. He is the publisher of Sweet Betsy and Son of Kentucky, interesting books that paint a clear picture of the American Civil War times in the mind of his readers. He is also the author of Soul of the Samurai, an exciting historical novel that brings the picture of Japan in the 17th century. Jesus and the Samurai is a publication by Zomber, which strives to enlighten the reader on Christianity in Japan. Some of his screenplays or novels are now available in the form of films or documentaries.


Other interests


Due to his prowess in the mastery of history, Zomber understands the consequences of civil war. He knows that war poses a threat to the peaceful co-existence of people. Therefore, he has been offering unconditional support to organizations that run programs that promote peace around the world. Amnesty International, Global Exchange, UNICEF, and Doctors Without Borders, are some of the movements that receive generous donations from Zomber.


About Michael Zomber


Together with his Wife, Michael Zomber owns Renascent Films LLC, a film firm with a global presence on IMDb. Through this company, he has produced and distributed many movies. He uses film production as a strategy for preservation of history. His historical novels encourage the readers and passionate historians to dedicate their efforts in the preservation of history. Zomber, his wife, and children reside in Philadelphia. He is academically gifted, and he holds a degree in Psychology and English Literature. He received a postgraduate degree in English Literature from the globally renowned UCLA.

The Firebrand for Tyrants

Thor Leonardo Halvorssen was born in 1967in Venezuela. He is a film producer and human rights advocate. Thor is the founder and Chair of Oslo Freedom Program. He is the Human Rights Foundation president. This is an organization devoted to freedom and Global Human Rights. Thor Halvorssen has also founded Moving Picture Institute.

Thor Halvorssen was born to Hilda Mendoza, a relative and descendant of the first resident of Venezuela, the royal family. Thor Halvorssen’s father served as an anti-Narcotics Ambassador in Venezuela. His father’s roots are traced from the prominent Kingship family in Norway. Halvorssen attended Pennsylvania University and graduated with a degree in History and Political Science.

In 1993, his father was arrested after investigating a Medellin Cartel for possible bank fraud and money laundering when he was a freshman. He was beaten, tortured, and threatened to be murdered. He was eventually found innocent after all the torture. While attending a protest in Venezuela, his mother was shot and wounded. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

Thor keeps awake into the-wee-hours-of-the-night generate ng texts, emails, and encrypted messages at Wickr. This makes it clear that he is a do-goodnik.

The 40-year-old Thor is the founder and leader of the Human Rights Foundation in New York. Thor Halvorssen descended from parents from royal families in Venezuela. His grandfather was a king in Norway, and the mother is a daughter of the first president of Venezuela.

During World War II, his father diverted his grandfather’s merchant fleet to Venezuela when the German invaded their homeland. For Thor, human rights and individual freedom are the basis of every meeting. Any discussion table should start with this critical issues in modern life.

His knowledge on the subject-matter is practical. He has exposed a drug czar in Venezuela. Leopoldo Lopez, his first cousin, is still serving a jail term as a political prisoner in Venezuela. Thor says that his love for people is increasing emphatically.

Thor made Vaclav chairman of HRF until his death. He was succeeded by Garry Kasparov, a political activist from Russia, Vladimir scourge. For Latin Americans, Thor is considered as the serial left-wing criticism. He has rejected the conservative label by John Stuart.

Why Shop Lime Crime?


The truth of the matter is that makeup can be fairly dull at times. The colors are often the same shades of red, pink, and nude while the eyeshadow tends to be more natural and bland. Because of this, wearers are discouraged from expressing themselves in the manner that they wish they could, daily looks are missing elements that will tie them together perfectly, and people must just generally feel out of place each day. Well, this reality is a thing of the past thanks to the cosmetic line, Lime Crime.


This company, and their blog, is run by a CEO named Doe Deere. Her eye for color and her understanding of how to help people be themselves as only fueled her company’s success and has helped millions of people since its establishment. Thousands of reasons exist for why you should shop and love Lime Crime, but a few factors stand out the most.


New Looks Are Possible

Have you ever purchased a really outrageous outfit only to be disappointed that you have to tone down your makeup? Additionally, are you a person who enjoys coloring their hair fun colors and are quickly disappointed that your face does not blend into that color? Lime Crime has a product for every color, including blues, greens, purples, and yellows. If you can dream it, this company has probably created it, which makes dressing up an act that must reach your standards, not everybody else’s.


It Is Affordable


Even drug store makeup is costly. From $15 shoddy lipstick to boring, $30 eyeshadow palettes, it is difficult to have quality meet your price within this industry. Lime Crime, however, is affordable and of great quality, and is available everywhere including and even UrbanOutfitters. To sweeten the deal, Deere’s mission is to regularly donate proceeds to a multitude of charities, an act that makes purchasing these products beneficial to even those who do not wear makeup.


You Can Be Different


Feeling the same as everyone is not a great feeling, right? With Lime Crime, people are able to be themselves as no two looks are the same. Endless possibilities make for endless life opportunities, so why pass up this incredible line? Follow them on Twitter @LimeCrime, or check out their social media page on FB.

Mike Baur assists startups with the Swiss Startup Factory

In a recent interview, Mike Baur, partner and co-founder of the Swiss Startup factory explained the reason behind the usage of the name “factory” as the company’s title. He stated this with a prior experience regarding a general awareness to being an entrepreneur and his past experience. The Swiss Startup is called a factory since it contributes building business startups right from scratch. The whole business platform works like a factory that is built through hard work and refining of products. Young people in the firm learn about hard worked and are refined about business work ethics. He said in a statement that his mission is to build young minds and to mentor them to become highly successful with their businesses.


Mike Baur left a thriving career in the Swiss banking industry so as to begin his investment and business venture. He worked with two other partners and launched the Swiss Startup factory. The company was started in 2014 in Zurich with an aim to identify and support young startups. The company provides a top accelerator platform that gives opportunities to tech-entrepreneurs in Switzerland. It has a three-month accelerator program which offers coaching, mentoring and network for business people.


The accelerator program is unique about the Swiss Startup Factory. It involves a three-month working with startups where they tackle their challenges and work with them closely on a daily basis. Such an interaction with experts offers startups a boost regarding their startups. Experts help startups tackle their challenges and come with solutions with the products and services. Programs have been designed within the program to help startups tackle challenges and other decisions in the field.


SSF has given young entrepreneurs in the digital technology field a chance to go through a program that helps them increase their innovative power. It helps them highly compete in the global market place. During the three month period, selected startups embark on tests which ensure that they have the right selling point and pitch to give to potential investors.


The business strategy provided by the firm is something that many businesses need in today’s world. The staff helps one to design a strategy and plan that fits one’s entire marketing needs. Business needs are critically analyzed within the platform. They go an extra step to establish a solid digital strategy that is perfect for the customer. The focus on business and customer side has led to a huge success in part of the business. Many more people continue to benefit as the company grows.

Is Shea Butter Just for Lotion?


While Shea butter is the main ingredient in many different types of lotion, that is not the only thing that it is capable of. Shea butter can be used for many different purposes including makeup application as well as use as a lip balm on its own. It is versatile.


In makeup application, shea butter is used as somewhat of a stabilizer for powders and other types of makeup. It can be used initially as a sheer primer because it helps the face to become a blank canvas. It can even be used to cover up large pores. If it is mixed in with makeup, it can quickly help add moisture to any makeup application routine. It is a great option for people who want to save money as well as chemicals on their face.


People who do not want to resort to commercial lip balm can use shea butter on its own. While it does not have any tint to it and does not have flavor, this could be beneficial for people who are prone to licking their lips while they have lip balm on. To use it as a balm, simply apply it to the lips in the same fashion that you would with any other type of cream. A small amount will go a long way.


Having trouble finding shea butter? Eugenia shea is a company that offers the finest selection of shea butter for their customers. They want to make sure that their customers are able to get the shea butter that they deserve. Eugenia shea also helps their customers find all of the new and exciting ways that they can use shea butter to enhance all of their beauty routines.


Eugenia shea, unlike many other companies, is one that is focused on families and women coming together to help each other. The company was started by a woman looking to spend more time with her sick mother. They work together using the mother’s knowledge of shea butter in beauty to make a company that helps women (and men) learn the benefits and uses of shea butter.

Sam Tabar Helps Others Master Commodities Trading


Sam Tabar is a master hedge fund manager. His advice has made many people wealthy, when they have taken it. He is a leading business figure in the African-American community who has joined the startup, THINX. This organization is a firm support for the lives of women in Africa and in the United States. His mentorship has helped many others gain profitable insights into hedge fund investments. He takes the sharing of his expert skills very seriously and his investment track record speaks for itself.

With Sam Tabar’s great and sometimes celebrated personal networking skills, he mentors from an intelligent and well-educated perspective. He has a law degree from Columbia Law School and another degree from Oxford. When he was working on his education Sam was a top editor at the Columbia Business Law Review. He plans strategies for building capital at client companies who hire Sam Tabar to specifically target their investments based upon his professional, expert, and oft-successful investment advice.

Sam Tabar had been a top business and finance strategist for more than 10 years at the Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom law firm. He has helped countless novice investors stop losing money and avoid failure in the area of commodities trading. He goes to the trouble of educating his clients on the reasons to pick a good mix of safe investments and some risky ones, in an intelligent way. Sam Tabar teaches deep, thorough, and complete due diligence. All his clients must learn to invest intelligently on their own.  See Sam’s entire list of accomplishments by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

Why Shea Butter Is Just What Your Hair and Skin Needs

You have probably already heard of Shea butter, but what is it actually good for? Most people know that it helps your skin to feel more moisturized, smooth and soft, but did you know that it can also help your hair? People who tend to have dull, dry and lackluster hair will definitely benefit from the results that Shea butter can provide.

Why Is Shea Butter Special?

Before we dive right into the benefits of Shea butter, let’s talk about what it actually is. Shea butter is a fat. The fat is found in nuts from a special tree that grows primarily in Africa. This tree is called the African Shea tree, and it is primarily in Senegal, but Gambia, Ghana and other west African countries have it as well. For hundreds of years, people native to west Africa have been using Shea butter for their hair as well as their skin and other cosmetic problem areas.

If you are interested in using Shea butter for your hair to make it softer, smoother and shinier, all you need to do is create a conditioner out of it. Together with approximately 2 to 3 tablespoons of organic, all natural coconut butter, add a little bit of Shea butter and mix it together. You might add a little bit of honey if you like. You can put this on your hair in the shower and rinse it out just like a conditioner.

Who Carries the Best Shea Butter?

If you don’t know where to find the Shea butter that you want to use for this special hair conditioner, we can tell you. Look no further than Eugenia Shea.

Eugenia Shea was founded by Naa-Sakle Akuete. This girl knows what she’s doing in business and in cosmetics. She was only 28 when she started a company that was named Eugenia Shea after her mother. Their family is from Ghana in Africa, and they fled instability in the country for the United States. Later, Akuete graduated from Harvard business school only to found this company that makes top-notch Shea butter. When you want the best Shea butter, Eugenia Shea is it.

Larry Madowo Wakes Up To A Defaced Wikipedia Page

Larry Madowo woke up to find that his Wikipedia page had new information insinuating that he was born 1889. It went on to claim that he was a politician. The journalist had a light moment with his fans after sharing the screenshot of the defaced Wikipedia page. He said that the new information made an awesome biography. The host of a popular show on NTV, The Trend, was described in the Wiki edits as a leader of the Kazi party. It goes on to say that between 1933 and 1945, Larry was a chancellor of Kenya and one of the leaders of Kazi Kenya. He is accused of initiating World War II in Europe besides invading Poland in 1939 and being heavily involved in the Holocaust. The page states that Larry was born in Uganda where he mined copper. It continues to point out that he relocated to Kenya in 1913 and sold cookies in the Girl Scout during World War I. The page concludes by saying that Larry is a news anchor, but with suspicions of being a vampire. This information was originally reported on Nairobi News.

When you make a Wikipedia page they are supported by credibly sourced references, which have been well formatted and written using Wikipedia’s manual of writing. The page is regarded as a crucial digital asset as the website is one of the most visited in the globe. Notably, site ranks and Google Knowledge Graphs are populated using information from Wikipedia. By virtue of being an open-source community, anyone is able to edit a Wikipedia page, whether they are the original creator or not. Through its monitoring services, Wikipedia ensures that edits to one’s page are received in real time to ensure that they are accurate and not malicious. In addition, Wikipedia editors can translate one’s Wikipedia page into his or her language of choice. The entity allows an individual to interact with the Wikipedia community in an ethical manner. This information was originally published on Get Your Wiki as highlighted in the following link

Wikipedia is a collaborative encyclopedia. The entity does not recruit content writers to create different posts. When used properly it can serve as a marketing tool for one’s personal branding or business. Through Wikipedia, an individual can be able to generate increased sales when they create a Wiki page. In addition, Wikipedia pages enhance one’s visibility in the search engine results. Website presence augments the integrity of one’s business. Moreover, it provides a business, persona and brand with a level of credibility, prestige and authenticity. In order to create an effective page on Wikipedia, it is advisable that an individual follows their guideline. This information was originally published on Jeff Bullas as provided on his blog.