Why the DeVos Family Deserves a Spot on Philanthropy’s Roundtable

Betsy DeVos embodies the ambition on the entire DeVos clan, which is to stir up social change. Betty has consistently marshaled the family to advocate for educational reform. Mrs. DeVos has distinguished herself as a no-nonsense reformer. During her collegiate years, the Calvin Collage alumnus was deeply involved in campus politics. To date, she has remained politically active. However, Betsy is known most for her humanitarian efforts. She chairs the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation. During a recent interview with Philanthropy, she comprehensively talked about her family’s efforts to reform the education sector.

During the interview, Mrs. DeVos shared her views about educational reform in the United States, and the direction that it is taking. She however remains critical of the public school system, which she says, has failed totally. According to Mrs. Betsy, the failure by the public school system is what motivates her family to fund educational reform legislations. Mrs. DeVos about educational charity, was also depicted clearly. According to her, Americans who cannot afford to take their children to private schools often have to contend with the public school system, which is a total failure. This situation needs to be changed through the advancement of educational choice

About Dick DeVos

The West Michigan billionaire is a prominent name in America’s corporate circles. He comes from a family of renowned entrepreneurs, philanthropists and educational reformers. Together with his wife Betsy, Dick DeVos supports various community projects. His foundation is solely credited with helping overhaul Florida’s education system. By virtue of going through the Forest Hills school system, he fully understands the importance of educational reform. The foundation supports organizations and institutions such as Rehoboth Christian School, Grove City College, Kids Hope USA and the Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan. Dick also founded and runs the West Michigan Aviation Academy, Windquest Group and a host of other successful businesses.

Mr. DeVos attended Northwood University from where he graduated in 1974. He joined Amway as a junior-ranking employee but scaled the ranks rapidly to become the multinational’s vice president within ten years. While serving as the firm’s VP, he was also put in charge the firm’s activities in 18 countries. Mr. DeVos actively participates in different political programs organized by the Republican Party. To read more about him, click on: Wikipedia

Michael Zomber’s Foray Into Weapons Collecting

Michael Zomber is a seasoned collector of guns and armor. His official job title is an antiques dealer and historian. He has been featured on the history channel in documentaries as an expert because his collection is so extensive. Unfortunate events lead to some difficult times in his life but new endeavors have helped him turn around his luck.

In two thousand three he was charged and falsely convicted of mail fraud. The verdict was eventually overturned but not before it took its toll. He spent more than two years in prison, leaving his family at home, including two young children.

These days Michael makes his living through his efforts as an author. Shogun Iemitsu, which is a historical tale about two samurai is one of his well known works. Other titles include; Jesus and the Samurai, Sweet Betsy That’s Me, Park Avenue, and Son of Kentucky. Zomber has another title soon to be published.

Manse On Marsh Is Honored With The Caring Star Award

Manse on Marsh is an assisted living community that calls San Luis Obispo home in California. Across the nation there are many assisted living facilities and nursing homes that are not well maintained and do not take optimal care of the clients into consideration. The Manse on Marsh, however, takes a lot of pride in giving their patients the best care possible in a positive environment. Not too long ago, the company received the Caring Star award for their effort and excellent standards for care that each resident is given. The award is not easy to achieve either based on the standards of today’s society.

The Manse on Marsh facility is an independent community that accepts clients all across the Arroyo Grande and San Luis Obispo locations. The company was helped is receiving the award by the overwhelming number of good ratings and reviews left by former and residing clients, most of which can be found on Caring.com. For two years in a row, Manse on Marsh has received the award for the services, with high customer satisfaction ratings all around.

In order to qualify for the Caring Star award, a facility must have reviews that are rated 5 star for two years prior as well as an overall rating that is four star or higher. A facility must also be absent of any standing negative reviews or situations. Manse on Marsh covered this area with no problems as they have handfuls of five star reviews along with an overall five star rating. Their services were also well above the limits.

The company’s facility gives the highest quality care possible and provides management for medication, bathing, meals, grooming, and much more for every resident. There is a point system standing in the facility that each client can use to request and pay for things in an efficient way without being charged for things they do not want. The company’s total care plan is among the top in the industry within the country as well. They want every client to feel safe and secure in the company’s care and within the community.

The Caring Star award is known as one of the highest in the nursing and assisted living industry. Having won the award consecutively, Manse on Marsh has earned themselves in a good position as it helps increase the company’s awareness and builds on the size of their community. Manse on Marsh is helpful to all clients and residents, regardless of their condition or their backgrounds.

Crystal Hunt Finds Lasting Success From An Early Age

Fans of daytime soap operas known the name Crystal Hunt as one of the best known actresses in the genre of the 21st century. However, there is more to the life of Crystal Hunt than just her time spent as Lizzie Spaulding in “Guiding Light” and Stacy Morasco in “One Life To Live”; Crystal has also spent a large part of both her childhood and adult life in the public eye for a number of different reasons, particularly her work as a child star and recent rebirth as a reality TV regular.

Entertaining people has always been high on the list of achievements of Crystal Hunt, who began her career in pageants at the tender age of two; Hunt would go on to work with the Disney Corporation as the star of a movie to mark an important anniversary. Despite finding fame at an early age Crystal Hunt has seen her career continue on a steady climb the included one of the most successful stints in daytime soap that has ever been seen. Not only was Crystal nominated for an Emmy for her role on “Guiding Light”, but she followed this up with a career changing role as “One Life To Live” anti hero Stacy Morasco; Hunt was so successful as Stacy Morasco that she returned in a guest role for the final episodes much to the pleasure of fans of her sinister alter ego.

Throughout her career Crystal Hunt has looked to push the boundaries of her art with new and exciting roles in front of and behind the camera. The public has the pleasure of witnessing Crystal’s return to the big screen as Lauren in the critically acclaimed “Magic Mike: XXL”; which was followed by “Talbot County”, a movie starring and executive produced by Hunt herself.