The Award Of A Lifetime Given To Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the vice president and CEO of the AIA, or the American Institute of Architects and he has recently received a very looked upon award. He has been awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement. This award is not just given to anybody, you must earn it with dedication and persistence which Robert Ivy clearly has shown.

The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters handed the award over to him which had also announced the first time an architect has received this award in specific, the Polk Award.

The award represents those whose work over a lifetime has shown extraordinary commitment in either creating, performing, or supporting art. You must also be a living Mississippi-connected artist or art patron, which both qualify Robert Ivy to be considered for this prestigious award.

You can see just how looked upon this award is by considering some of the past honorees. They include Morgan Freeman, Eudora Welty, and an artist Walter Anderson. Most people know at least one if not all of these past honorees who have received the award for their support and dedication.

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You might be wondering what Robert Ivy did to get an award that Morgan Freeman and others received. Well, he greatly expanded the global presence of AIA, the organization in which he began his tenure in 2011. He also affected the influence of the organization as well. With the global presence and influence of the organization at their highest membership levels in the 160-year history of the company, you could say he has done some great things that could put him in the right path to earn an award.

The award was officially recognized to him at an event on June 2, 2018, where he was up among few others who have received the Noel Polk Award. With such a man as him and with the dedication he put into the company, there is no wonder he is making headlines and being honored for his great work. A vice president and CEO of the American Institute of Architects and a man who has delivered greatness, Robert Ivy.

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Vinay Eswaran Philosophy: His Successful Business Life

Vijay Eswaran is a citizen of Malaysia where he was born on 7/10/1960 in Penang. At that time, his father worked in the ministry of labor, and his mother was a teacher. Being in the ministry his father’s occupation made his family move to various parts of their country. All the same, they made sure he received quality education. Eswaran graduated in 1984 with a bachelor’s degree in socio-economics in the famed London School of Economics.

Once he graduated from LSE, his doings were evident that he started low in his youth. He spent his time in Europe for a year since at that moment he had enough amount of money with him. However, he took some minor jobs like construction in Belgium and harvesting of grapes in France. Once he went back to the UK, things took a different turn for him since he came to learn the binary system of marketing. This particular technique was used in the multi-level type of marketing. Vinay Eswaran acquired a UK CIMA professional qualification. He then went to Southern Illinois University in the U.S. in 1986 and earned his MBA. While studying in SIU, he worked part-time in Synaptics, particularly in its multi-level marketing efforts.

Vijay Eswaran acquired a CIMA professional qualification in the UK and later moved to Southern Illinois University based in the U.S. where he earned his MBA in 1986. As he studied in SIU, he had a part-time job in synaptic where he concentrates on its multi-level marketing efforts.

He then served as an information system engineer in various organizations for some years in Southeast Asia and North America. Vijay Eswaran returned to Malaysia 13 years later. While in Malaysia, he received an invitation from the Cosway Group to lead and begin its marketing strategies in the Philipines, and it was then when he started to take multi-level marketing more seriously. Eswaran then took part in establishing an MLM firm that later expanded and developed into the QI Group in 1998. The QL group is today a wide e-commerce company having business interests in corporate investments, training, wellness, luxury products, telecommunications, media, and travel.

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