The Quincy Shootings Could Make it Unsafe


The Quincy, an apartment complex that is in New Jersey in New Brunswick, shootings have happened several times. The apartment has over 200 units in it. Several shootings have all led people to one conclusion, the Qunicy is a place where criminal activity happens. Here are two of the stories of separate shootings that have been reported there from 2013 to 2015.


Shooting One


the first shooting occurred on May 7th, 2013. It entailed a pizza delivery man that was shot and robbed at gunpoint by three men in a van. It was later revealed that one of the people involved in the shooting was a notorious 21 year old gangster named Parysh Wood. The delivery man ended up in the hospital. The pizza delivery man had his wallet stolen at the scene as well.


Shooting Two


On October 7th, 2015 another shooting happened at the same location. It is believed that the same gangster that held up the pizza delivery, was also responsible for the second shooting. This shooting also involved a pizza delivery person.


This apartment complex has had many other shootings and domestic violence calls for the police. The prominent story typically involves a woman ordering a pizza then she ends up robbing the delivery person, then robbing them. It has become such a problem for security at the Quincy apartment complex that the once well liked complex has lost reputation for safety in the New Brunswick area. The crimes all involved a dark van near the scene of the crimes.


The worst part of the whole thing is the way that the apartment complex has suffered in reputation since the shootings occurred. There’s just so much happening that people are starting to rethink living in the once safe and thoroughly modern complex. It has a state of the art gym and a fabulous pool on the op of the building. If you can’t even get a pizza delivered though, it might just be a problem. Safety is essential anywhere. Police say the complex is near the police station, so it should be safe. Precautions as always should be taken for safety.


the police are still not saying anything about the scene or the actions that will or will not be taken regarding the shootings. They simply state for people to be careful and look outside the door through peepholes before answering. They also added that nobody should let a person in, or even open the door for someone they don’t know.

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