Wild Ark and Eco-Conscious Vacation Havens

WildArk is dedicated to the protection and conservation of land and its creatures all over the world. They strive to protect as much of the planets biodiversity as they can and while doing so they create research and opportunities for people to see nature as it was meant to be. They hope to encourage other’s to help protect Earth’s richness for future generations.


Visiting places that work towards being earth friendly is an excellent way to do your share. Following are a few examples of vacation spots that provide the enjoyment you seek in a ecologically thoughtful way.


Whiteface Lodge, in the high peaks of Lake Placid, NY has proven its desire to be as ecologically maintained as possible. Wood for construction came from the property it sits on, and dying trees are used as mulch for healthy plants. Surrounded by the breath taking six-million-acre Adirondack park, this is one of the most beautiful, protected spots in the United States.


The Ramada Eco Beach Resort in Western Australia has won many awards for its efforts to maintain ecological surroundings in this gorgeous, unspoiled area. They have 25 lovely villas to choose from that are interlinked by a half mile of elevated, wooden boardwalk. Many that stay are return visitors back for more of the lovely views of the Indian Ocean in this area.


The Upper East Retreat is located in Santa Barbara, California. This “Sustainability” home has won design awards for its redevelopment by “de-construction.” When the old building was removed, everything salvageable was incorporated into the new home. Trellis louvers control light and air flow and all of this is located within walking distance to the inspiring Santa Barbara Mission.


The Element Boston Seaport lives the phrase “go green.” Located in Boston’s exciting Seaport District, their mission is to give back to the earth in any way they can. By providing eco-friendly amenities, and using recycled tires for flooring, providing well-filtered tap water to cut down on plastic waste, in-room recycling bins and nothing but energy efficient appliances in their kitchens, they show that they take their environmental responsibility seriously. They even provide complimentary bikes to guests hoping to encourage a little pedaling instead of driving.


That’s only four of the many out there who try to be ecologically responsible. If you can do nothing else, next time you plan a vacation, only consider destinations that can say the same. Mother earth needs our help to get better and stay healthy.

Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUo4EHg7ZWNPFEg3tjytCSg