Cone Marshall And The Services They Offer

Cone Marshall is a law firm. It works in conjunction with global families together with their advisors. It helps by establishing trust in New Zealand companies and partnerships. It also offers worldwide advice on wealth planning. The firm does not work with individual clients. Learn more about Cone Marshall:

They work with family advisors, attorneys, private banks, and other institutions located outside New Zealand to help them on how to plan for their customers. Cone Marshall has set up New Zealand structures and offers trust, complete local tax, structuring advice, and succession. They maintain all confidential inquiries. They are guarded by legal professional privilege.

Cone Marshall has come out as an encouragement to many people due to the nature of work they do. This is according to an article on Hacronym about foreign taxes in the practice of law. The company has become New Zealand’s most prominent international and trust planning firm through the determination and hard work of Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone.

Geoffrey Cone’s counseling and litigator experience have assisted him to establish the firm to the vision they had in place. Cone Marshall was founded in 1999 by Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone. The company has since then continued to establish plans for international tax for over 17 years while retaining the same Excellency standards.

You first have to know the tax transparency of New Zealand before you clearly understand Cone Marshall. Nations that have tax transparency are involved in the international information exchange so as to enhance domestic tax laws enforcement.

This is what motivated Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone to start the firm. Cone Marshalls ensures that there is transparency in tax returns in New Zealand. This is why many companies have put their trust in them since they believe in the mission and their capabilities. The firm has also assisted many family advisors on how to go about certain law cases

Crunchbase reported that Cone Marshall has a team of employees who are very skilled. They know about issues regarding the law and tax. This has also contributed to the success of the company and has made it the firm to go to for many attorneys, legal advisors, and other law firms.

The Firm also takes pride in the reputation it has acquired for the over 17 years that it has been it law industry. It also attributes its success and growth to the real leadership of Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall.