Does Personality Contribute to Performance?

CG Jung is a Swiss-born psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology. His famous thesis argues that there are eight basic personality types. His theory is that that consciousness has different functions and attitudes. These are thinking feeling, sensation, and Intuition. The following are a list of celebrities who fall under the personality type as defined by Dr. Jung.
INTP stands for introverted thinking types. Film actress Sigourney Weaver is an example of this type. Ms. Weaver is known to have the character traits of an INTP. She is known to be logical and curious minded. She has also admitted to being pensive and drawn towards people who are not comfortable with the world. Going by her spectacular career it certainly looks like being an INTP has helped her. Perhaps that’s where she gets here mysterious aura from.
Famous INFJ are introverted feeling or judging types. The most famous example of this type, at least in films would have to be Al Pacino. Going by his interviews it is obvious that he is always aware of not saying something that may hurt others. Even though he is a highly accomplished actor, he considers himself to be an introvert!
Introverted, sensing, thinking, and judgment are the main traits of ISTJ famous people. They are known to be logical sensible and organized. One of the best examples in film would have to be Morgan Freeman. The well-known philosopher Robert Benson described Mr. Freeman the best, he said “You cannot act moral fiber, you either have it or you don’t.