Cotemar: Making a Difference One Step at a Time

When someone says sustainability obligation, they often do not think of an oil and gas company. Yet, this is exactly what Cotemar, a Mexican company has accomplished in its 38 years of business. It’s truly an inspiration to those in this industry.


Cotemar began as a service company to the energy department of Mexico in 1979 and has been serving successfully ever since. It provided catering and accommodation to the offshore oil rigs.


– By 1981, it had grown to add transportation of the specialized vessels in that area.


– In 1985 it purchased its first oil rig to offer the services that had previously been sent to the area. This created a greater accessibility for those in the oil industry.


– In 1988 it grew further to provide more services in the areas that it has already covered. This growth has led the field in many aspects of the industry for Mexico.


– By 1996 it had five of these rigs offering expanded services to construction and maintenance as well.


– In 2012 the creation of Cosco had arrived.


– 2013 saw the beginning of the construction of Atlantis, yet another rig designed for effective management of the services that Cotemar Mexico provides.


– 2015 saw the arrival of yet two more rigs to the company.


– In 2016, Cotemar’s subsidiary won an award for the work that they provide to Mexican oil companies.


Cotemar’s goal to always innovate and adopt the very best and latest in technology for use has made the oil and gas industry better than ever in the history of the field. It continues to offer the best and has a goal to maintain this as it gets even better than it was before.


Daily Life Working for Cotemar


Working for the company is one of the best in the industry. Hiring from within is a well-known part of the company’s infrastructure. It is seen as one step at a time for those that want to join the ranks of the industry. There are some great opportunities for those that wish to grow and work for Cotemar. All it takes is that first step of the initiative.




It does this through its core beliefs and goals. The sustainability of the planet is every bit as important as the employees that comprise of the workforce that it employs. Good practices for both of those aspects are what makes Cotemar great.