Michael Zomber’s Strong Zeal to Preserve History through Authorship, Film Production, and Antiques



Michael Zomber engages in a plethora of interesting activities ranging from the collection of antique guns, swords, armors, history preservation through the production of films, and philanthropic initiatives, all detailed in his website bio. His experience in preservation of history and antique collection spawns for more than forty years. He has made several appearances on the History Channel and educated the world about various antique guns. The Channel airs several series ranging from the Guns of the Orient, Tales of the Gun, Dueling Pistols, Gun of the Famous, and Automatic Pistols.


Storytelling abilities


Zomber has demonstrated his amazing story telling abilities by penning down several best-selling novels, thrilling documentaries, and screenplays. He is the publisher of Sweet Betsy and Son of Kentucky, interesting books that paint a clear picture of the American Civil War times in the mind of his readers. He is also the author of Soul of the Samurai, an exciting historical novel that brings the picture of Japan in the 17th century.


Other interests


Due to his prowess in the mastery of history, Zomber understands the consequences of civil war. He knows that war poses a threat to the peaceful co-existence of people. Therefore, he has been offering unconditional support to organizations that run programs that promote peace around the world. Amnesty International, Global Exchange, UNICEF, and Doctors Without Borders, are some of the movements that receive generous donations from Zomber.


About Michael Zomber


Together with his Wife, Michael Zomber owns Renascent Films LLC, a film firm with a global presence on IMDb. Through this company, he has produced and distributed many movies. He uses film production as a strategy for preservation of history. His historical novels encourage the readers and passionate historians to dedicate their efforts in the preservation of history. Zomber, his wife, and children reside in Philadelphia. He is academically gifted, and he holds a degree in Psychology and English Literature. He received a postgraduate degree in English Literature from the globally renowned UCLA.