Let Cleansing Conditioner Protect Your Hair

If you have been looking for the perfect shampoo and conditioner you might have heard about some of the alternatives available. Perhaps you’ve heard of co-washing using cleansing conditioners. While this method is different than your traditional shampoo and conditioner it may be better for your hair and the key to stopping and reversing the damage to your locks.

What is cleansing conditioner? Cleansing conditioner cleans your hair while nourishing it. Unlike shampoo or even 2-in-1 conditioner, cleansing conditioners don’t contain harsh detergents that strip your hair. Mild cleansing agents are mixed with nourishing natural conditioning oils. When you rinse these leave your hair silky smooth.

Who should use cleansing conditioner? Cleansing conditioner can be for everyone, but different hair types enjoy different benefits. Hair that is naturally dry, thick, or curly needs protection from the oils that are naturally produced by the scalp. Traditional shampooing strips these oils. Conditioner attempts to bring some of that moisture back, but it cannot protect or moisturize nearly as well as the body’s own oils.

Balancing cleansing conditioner with twice weekly shampooing could result in perfect hair that would never be attainable with shampoo and conditioner. The twice weekly shampooing rids the hair and scalp of accumulated oils while not being excessive and stripping the nutrients that the hair needs.

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Anyone that chemically treats their hair should consider co-washing. Hair dyes normally wash out and make it difficult to keep up a hair color.

Even for those without chemically treated hair, Cleansing conditioner can help keep the colors in hair looking vibrant. The harsh chemicals in shampoo strip the hair, causing split ends. Split ends dull hair’s natural color. Cleansing conditioners protect against split ends and keep your natural hair color looking more vibrant.

If you have decided that a cleansing conditioner may be for you, deciding on a brand can be overwhelming. The oldest brand of cleansing conditioner is Wen by Chaz Dean. It has won an Allure reader’s choice award and is used by many celebrities and models. Wen by Chaz is available in three scents, all of which are free from silicon, sulfates, and parabens.

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