Bob Reina Touts New Software, Live Meetings.

We are currently living in the age of information. Nowadays a company has to have an online presence in order to succeed and a big part of that presence comes by way of video marketing. Bob Reina, the founder of Talk Fusion, has been helping companies find their way to those video marketing solutions one step at a time since the company was first founded in 2007. Talk Fusion is a communication solutions company that also partners with associates who want to help with direct-selling. Talk Fusion is in the news promoting their latest effort, Live Meetings.


Live Meetings is just the latest tool that CEO Bob Reina and CTO Ryan Page have introduced to the Talk Fusion toolbox of marketing applications. Live Meetings is a conferencing application that allows up to 15 hosts to broadcast video to an audience of 500 viewers. What makes this software particularly special is that it is built on WebRTC technology. WebRTC technology is the future of innovative web-based marketing because it streamlines the process, reduces latency, and eliminates the need to download any extra software or plugins.


The Live Meetings application is being touted as one of the best new ways to reach your target audience all at once. Live Meetings can be accessed on mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers and it can be done by simply clicking on the URL web address of your hosted conference. This is a huge benefit for companies that want to reduce the friction in their information delivery system. Without any arbitrary restrictions in place, companies can send their potential customers or clients straight to the live video conference. Learn more:


Talk Fusion is also focused on bringing in new team members to help spread the word about their products. Talk Fusion recently opened up Talk Fusion University in order to help teach potential clients the ins and outs of the business as well as the benefits of their marketing tools. Talk Fusion has been opening the door for professionals to take control of their future for years and now their reach has only grown. Talk Fusion is available in nine different languages and in more than 100 countries around the planet.

Wessex Institute of Technology Holds Seminars on Energy and Air Pollution

The Wessex Institute of Technology is located in the scenic New Forest National Park. It serves the scientific community around the world. They promote an exchange of information between academics and professional working in the field of science. The Wessex Institute of Technology holds professional scientific seminars by qualified professors and scientists around the world in different locations.

Recently they held a seminar on energy efficient buildings. It was held at Anhurst Lodge. The speaker was Professor Todorka Samardzioska, from St. Cyril and Methodius University in the Republic of Macedonia. The topic discussed was about energy efficienct buildings and alternative energy sources.

Professor Samardzioska said that 60% of the buildings energy in Macedonia is related to heating and cooling. New technologies are required to achieve goals to save energy. Building require insulation, and renewable energy. She participated in the Smart Energy Program of Europe that studied reducing carbon emissions and saving energy.

This project studied carbon emissions in Europe and looked for new ways to reduce them. They studied a number of different types of buildings and styles. Thermal bridges were studied with solutions for the problem. Some solutions were higher walls and applying higher level of insulation. Some buildings had floor heating systems installed.

The seminar produced a lively round of questions and discussion. The Wessex Institute of Technology has many scientific seminars throughout the year on different topics. This year a seminar on air quality management, modeling, and forecasting was held. Dr. Paulo Zannetti who works at the The EnviroComp Institute USA spoke and Dr. Delle Monache from the National Center for Atmosphric Research, USA.

This three day seminar covered many different topics with lectures and discussion. It covered air pollution in the US, health risk of pollution, air quality modeling and software, chemical data assimilation, and air quality forecasting. The first day the speakers covered general history and practices in the US and the world for dealing with air pollution.

The Prigogine Gold Medal Award Ceremony will be held for 2017 in at University of Seville on September 20th during the 12th International Conference on Regeneration and Sustainability. This award was started in 2004 by the University of Sienna and the Wessex Institute of Technology to honor the memory of Noble prize winner for chemistry Professor Illya Prigogine who died.