Everybody needs a little NTC

National Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) is a service that allows you to ensure that your titles are without defect. This is crucial should you be looking to buy a home with a mortgage – given that your mortgage lender may have stipulations against wording, failure to include signatures, previous liens on the property (which can be a huge problem in and of itself) or any failure to record or file real estate procedures. Title defects became a major issue in the real estate market in June 2014, when NTC, National Title Clearing Inc, responded to distress calls where some people felt as if there were wrongful foreclosures. Others felt they contributed to stagnation, a prolonged period with little or no progress. NTC responded to this with the key to reducing the risk of buyback or inability to foreclosure, while ensuring a clear title endowment. Title effects commonly occur when someone claims a property that actually isn’t theirs, although there are a few factors that could make the title invalid such as simple issues with wording within the document that fails to comply with the real estate standards for the area and the failure to follow procedures when recording real estate documents.


NTC recently released the ability to have property reports via online ordering. NTC executives took steps to make the process of securing property reports simple. The company’s goal is to provide simple, quick, reliable, step by step process of obtaining property reports. Their services are based on a trusted research conducted from real land records and are available for any property nationwide. NTC also obtains data from other sources during this process, but more importantly the countries which includes human verification and automation. This particular practice gives NTC the capability to provide several of the top lenders in the US, which is of course under extremely heavily analyzed regulations to conform. Officials say their process accurately produces results for what the report was intended. They recognize the financial impact that reports can cause if a client is ordering an excessive amount of fields that may result to be useless in the end which is why the company focuses on fully understanding what the client would like to see for end results. Once that information has been gathered, they pursue properties that fit the data that was included.


National Title Clearing, Inc. was founded in 1991, is privately owned based in Palm Harbor, Florida. NTC provides services to investors including eight of the US’s top residential mortgage services. The company also provides leading research and document-processing and is recognized for achieving the most high-level of accuracy and premium quality. NTC assists the mortgage banking industry while saving the nation’s land reports and delivers protection to homeowners as well. NTC’s expansion is linked to their contribution to their industry and has won the “higher power” award for the second year in a row in 2013 for “putting Americans back to work.”


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