Bob Reina Continues to Help People

Bob Reina, the chief executive officer and founder of the direct selling company Talk Fusion, through his unique marketing products and personal contributions continues to improve communities from all over the world.

For Talk Fusion, it is all about building successful futures and helping individuals in need. Talk Fusion, whether through its unique business opportunity, products or donations, has been improving communities from over 100 countries and changing lives. According to Reina, who is the owner of Talk Fusion, his company revolves around social responsibility.

This is why, for instance, Bob Reina donated over $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Reina is known for his prominent contributions towards Florida. The businessman is also a board member of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

According to Crunchbase, but Reina Bob is not just satisfied with his personal contributions. His involvement with shelters, orphanages and health organizations motivated him to increase his philanthropic efforts. Since last year, Reina’s company has been giving away products and services for free to nonprofit organizations.

According to Forbes, Bob Reina launched a program that allows independent distributors to give away packages to organizations of their choice. Not only that, but Talk Fusion’s associates are actually giving away their company’s best plan. The plan includes products such as video email, video newsletters and live meetings. Talk Fusion is also giving away free trials that can last more than a month.

Numerous representatives have accomplished their their goals through Talk Fusion’s business opportunity. By promoting and sharing Talk Fusion’s five video marketing products to others, they have achieved financial independence and personal goals. Some have joined Talk Fusion in order to work for themselves. Others have joined this company in order to help their love ones financially.

Bob Reina, who has been in the direct selling industry for about two decades, was previously a law enforcement officer. He attended the University of South Florida and also graduated from the Tampa Police Academy with honors. In 2007, he founded Talk Fusion with the goal of changing and improving the video communications industry. Reina’s company has been recognized for having the best website in the industry and for its genuine marketing products.