Larry Madowo Wakes Up To A Defaced Wikipedia Page

Larry Madowo woke up to find that his Wikipedia page had new information insinuating that he was born 1889. It went on to claim that he was a politician. The journalist had a light moment with his fans after sharing the screenshot of the defaced Wikipedia page. He said that the new information made an awesome biography. The host of a popular show on NTV, The Trend, was described in the Wiki edits as a leader of the Kazi party. It goes on to say that between 1933 and 1945, Larry was a chancellor of Kenya and one of the leaders of Kazi Kenya. He is accused of initiating World War II in Europe besides invading Poland in 1939 and being heavily involved in the Holocaust. The page states that Larry was born in Uganda where he mined copper. It continues to point out that he relocated to Kenya in 1913 and sold cookies in the Girl Scout during World War I. The page concludes by saying that Larry is a news anchor, but with suspicions of being a vampire. This information was originally reported on Nairobi News.

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