Michael Zomber’s Foray Into Weapons Collecting

Michael Zomber is a seasoned collector of guns and armor. His official job title is an antiques dealer and historian. He has been featured on the history channel in documentaries as an expert because his collection is so extensive. Unfortunate events lead to some difficult times in his life but new endeavors have helped him turn around his luck.

In two thousand three he was charged and falsely convicted of mail fraud. The verdict was eventually overturned but not before it took its toll. He spent more than two years in prison, leaving his family at home, including two young children.

These days Michael makes his living through his efforts as an author. Shogun Iemitsu, which is a historical tale about two samurai is one of his well known works. Other titles include; Jesus and the Samurai, Sweet Betsy That’s Me, Park Avenue, and Son of Kentucky. Zomber has another title soon to be published.