Sawyer Howitt Offers His Advice To His Fellow Entrepreneurial Millennials

As an aspiring entrepreneur, Sawyer Howitt of Portland, Oregon was exposed to the mentality of this type of business leader at a young age. His father is an entrepreneur who established Meriwether Group which helps other entrepreneurs expand their companies in a number of ways. Sawyer earned a job at Meriwether Group as a project manager where he often worked with entrepreneurs who were clients of the company. During this time he learned a great deal about the mindset of being a true entrepreneur.

As someone that has studied brands and consumers over the years, Sawyer Howitt has seen that most prefer to have meaningful interactions with their favorite brands. He has also seen the importance of hiring the best of customer service reps as they are the face of the company in many ways. Additionally, he has seen the increasing role of technology and how companies can and should incorporate this into their business models in order to find success.

As a project manager, Sawyer has developed a wide range of business skills. He is proficient at creating complex spreadsheets. He has also garnered experience consulting with entrepreneurs and developing presentations for them. He has proven himself to be a real asset to Meriwether Group in his time at this company.

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Sawyer Howitt has offered his experienced opinion to other millennials looking to become an entrepreneur. Among his advice is having the confidence to speak up when you have an important idea. You should have the conviction of your beliefs and use your voice, even when working with much older people.

According to, knowing what your areas of weakness are is also important, though, as Sawyer expresses. You should be able to admit to others the things that you are not strong at whether that is due to a lack of experience or for other reasons. By admitting you need help on something you can develop those skills by working with others who are strong in the areas you are weak at. Just as important, Sawyer says to be persistent so that you can learn everything you can about what it takes to succeed in your profession.

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