How Does Securus Help Our Family Connect?

Securus has helped our family talk to those we know in jail, and it is a video call that makes us feel better about their situation. This article explains how the Securus system works for us, and we feel good knowing we have quite a lot of time to speak to them. I want to know our family and friends are safe, and I feel better knowing they have a way of reaching out to use.


#1: The Calls Are Simple


I have made many calls using Securus, and they connect in no time at all. The connections we have are helpful in speaking to each other, and I see someone I love on a video call that other companies do not offer. Securus builds up a video network that makes it simpler to call the jails, and I understand we must reach out as much as possible while we are out here. We cannot drive to the jails, and we are ensuring we are speaking to one another as much as possible.


#2: The Videos Are Easy To See


The videos are easy to see, and they help quite a few people see someone they have not seen in some time. I understand we must speak to our friends and family knowing they need our help. We want them to know they are cared for, and we wish to know they are doing alright inside the prison.


I feel it is quite helpful to ensure the calls are made through Securus often, and I want to know I may see someone I love when I miss them. I am using the Securus system with family at all hours, and we are reaching out to those who are not with us. Our calls make their sentences easier to handle every day.


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