Is Shea Butter Just for Lotion?


While Shea butter is the main ingredient in many different types of lotion, that is not the only thing that it is capable of. Shea butter can be used for many different purposes including makeup application as well as use as a lip balm on its own. It is versatile.


In makeup application, shea butter is used as somewhat of a stabilizer for powders and other types of makeup. It can be used initially as a sheer primer because it helps the face to become a blank canvas. It can even be used to cover up large pores. If it is mixed in with makeup, it can quickly help add moisture to any makeup application routine. It is a great option for people who want to save money as well as chemicals on their face.


People who do not want to resort to commercial lip balm can use shea butter on its own. While it does not have any tint to it and does not have flavor, this could be beneficial for people who are prone to licking their lips while they have lip balm on. To use it as a balm, simply apply it to the lips in the same fashion that you would with any other type of cream. A small amount will go a long way.


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