Manse On Marsh Is Honored With The Caring Star Award

Manse on Marsh is an assisted living community that calls San Luis Obispo home in California. Across the nation there are many assisted living facilities and nursing homes that are not well maintained and do not take optimal care of the clients into consideration. The Manse on Marsh, however, takes a lot of pride in giving their patients the best care possible in a positive environment. Not too long ago, the company received the Caring Star award for their effort and excellent standards for care that each resident is given. The award is not easy to achieve either based on the standards of today’s society.

The Manse on Marsh facility is an independent community that accepts clients all across the Arroyo Grande and San Luis Obispo locations. The company was helped is receiving the award by the overwhelming number of good ratings and reviews left by former and residing clients, most of which can be found on For two years in a row, Manse on Marsh has received the award for the services, with high customer satisfaction ratings all around.

In order to qualify for the Caring Star award, a facility must have reviews that are rated 5 star for two years prior as well as an overall rating that is four star or higher. A facility must also be absent of any standing negative reviews or situations. Manse on Marsh covered this area with no problems as they have handfuls of five star reviews along with an overall five star rating. Their services were also well above the limits.

The company’s facility gives the highest quality care possible and provides management for medication, bathing, meals, grooming, and much more for every resident. There is a point system standing in the facility that each client can use to request and pay for things in an efficient way without being charged for things they do not want. The company’s total care plan is among the top in the industry within the country as well. They want every client to feel safe and secure in the company’s care and within the community.

The Caring Star award is known as one of the highest in the nursing and assisted living industry. Having won the award consecutively, Manse on Marsh has earned themselves in a good position as it helps increase the company’s awareness and builds on the size of their community. Manse on Marsh is helpful to all clients and residents, regardless of their condition or their backgrounds.

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