MB2 Dental & Dr. Akhill Reddy are Revolutionizing the Dental World

MB2 Dental Solutions was founded with the idea that it would be a practice built by dentists for dentists. Since it opened its doors, MB2 Dental has had a hand in supporting practitioners in more than 60 locations across six states. MB2 Dental has a tight-knit leadership group and over 530 employees call MB2 Dental home.

MB2 Dental Solutions is exclusively dentist-owned and focuses on personal growth and support. It is an atmosphere that encourages new dentists to join and gain experience, as well as putting the practitioners first. This results in happier practitioners, which results in happier patients.

They believe in surrounding themselves with very smart, opinionated, and outspoken people. This encourages the team at MB2 Dental Solutions to push one another to raise the bar and offer the best care possible. Learn more about Dr Akhil Reddy: http://interview.net/dr-akhil-reddy-mb2-dental-offers-expertise/

They believe that a group of medical professionals working together can accomplish so much more than working individually, and as MB2 Dental Solutions shows, this is paying off. New Dental graduates have an opportunity to be part of a group and get the mentorship that is rare in a regular medical office.

Dr. Akhil Reddy is a practitioner at MB2 Dental Solutions and embodies everything M2B Dental Solutions strives for. Dr. Reddy was born in Lubbock, Texas and always has a passion for dentistry. He moved to California and was accepted into the University of the Pacific where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. He moved on to the University of the Pacific- School of Dentistry, where he obtained his Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree at just 23 years old.

Dr. Reddy moved back to his beloved home state of Texas after he graduated from the University of the Pacific – School of Dentistry and began practicing at multiple dental clinics all around the Dallas, Texas area.

He believes strongly in respecting his coworkers, and being friendly with them while still maintaining a professional demeanor.

MB2 Dental Associates and Dr. Akhil Reddy are revolutionizing the dental world. MB2 Dental Associates is looking like it will become the new normal in dentistry. They have consistently high patient satisfaction scores and have an excellent track record for both patient and practitioner satisfaction. They will continue to set the bar higher and higher for years to come.