Rocketship Education Is Closing The Achievement Gap Across America

There is a crisis in America where a disproportionate amount of low-income children are being left behind by a substandard education system. Now, there is one organization that is closing the achievement gap all across America. That organization, Rocketship Education, is creating all-star students from low-income backgrounds.

So what exactly is Rocketship Education? The organization is a network of public charter schools designed to help low-income children learn and achieve at the same level as all other students. By creating a new type of public school model, Rocketship Education is demonstrating that top-notch education is not just a luxury for the rich.

Rocketship Education operates under three pillars to help give children the well-rounded education needed to succeed at higher education institutions. The first of the three pillars is personalized learning that tailors instruction to each individual student’s needs. The second pillar is talent development which focuses on helping students unleash their full potential inside as well as outside of the classroom. Finally, the third pillar is Parent Power. This critical component helps involve the parent to keep them in the loop as well as informed at every stage of the child’s development.

The difference between Rocketship Education and traditional public schools lies in the structure of the school day. In each day, a child is taught Humanities, Enrichment, STEM, and Learning Lab. This unique structure allows the student a more well-rounded education and better prepares her for the challenges faced in higher education courses.

Beyond the books, Rocketship Education also develops the child’s social and emotional skills to ensure that a child knows the value of responsibility as well as respect. With a broad variety of unique classes on art, nutrition, music, dance as well as gardening, a child will learn more than the traditional public education student.

The education of children is one of the top priorities of a society. When a child succeeds in school, she has a better chance to pursue and realize their dreams and aspirations. Rocketship Education is the launching pad to a bright future.