Why Shop Lime Crime?

 The truth of the matter is that makeup can be fairly dull at times. The colors are often the same shades of red, pink, and nude while the eyeshadow tends to be more natural and bland. Because of this, wearers are discouraged from expressing themselves in the manner that they wish they could, daily looks are missing elements that will tie them together perfectly, and people must just generally feel out of place each day. Well, this reality is a thing of the past thanks to the cosmetic line, Lime Crime.


This company, and their blog, is run by a CEO named Doe Deere. Her eye for color and her understanding of how to help people be themselves as only fueled her company’s success and has helped millions of people since its establishment. Thousands of reasons exist for why you should shop and love Lime Crime, but a few factors stand out the most.


New Looks Are Possible

Have you ever purchased a really outrageous outfit only to be disappointed that you have to tone down your makeup? Additionally, are you a person who enjoys coloring their hair fun colors and are quickly disappointed that your face does not blend into that color? Lime Crime has a product for every color, including blues, greens, purples, and yellows. If you can dream it, this company has probably created it, which makes dressing up an act that must reach your standards, not everybody else’s.


It Is Affordable


Even drug store makeup is costly. From $15 shoddy lipstick to boring, $30 eyeshadow palettes, it is difficult to have quality meet your price within this industry. Lime Crime, however, is affordable and of great quality, and is available everywhere including Amazon.com and even UrbanOutfitters.


You Can Be Different


Feeling the same as everyone is not a great feeling, right? With Lime Crime, people are able to be themselves as no two looks are the same. Endless possibilities make for endless life opportunities, so why pass up this incredible line? Follow them on Twitter @LimeCrime, or check out their social media page on FB.

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  1. To sweeten the deal, Deere’s mission is to regularly donate proceeds to a multitude of charities, an act that makes purchasing these products beneficial to even those who do not wear makeup. It is absolutely cool that assignments help can also be rendered in advance if everything considered well enough.

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