Why the DeVos Family Deserves a Spot on Philanthropy’s Roundtable

Betsy DeVos embodies the ambition on the entire DeVos clan, which is to stir up social change. Betty has consistently marshaled the family to advocate for educational reform. Mrs. DeVos has distinguished herself as a no-nonsense reformer. During her collegiate years, the Calvin Collage alumnus was deeply involved in campus politics. To date, she has remained politically active. However, Betsy is known most for her humanitarian efforts. She chairs the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation. During a recent interview with Philanthropy, she comprehensively talked about her family’s efforts to reform the education sector.

During the interview, Mrs. DeVos shared her views about educational reform in the United States, and the direction that it is taking. She however remains critical of the public school system, which she says, has failed totally. According to Mrs. Betsy, the failure by the public school system is what motivates her family to fund educational reform legislations. Mrs. DeVos about educational charity, was also depicted clearly. According to her, Americans who cannot afford to take their children to private schools often have to contend with the public school system, which is a total failure. This situation needs to be changed through the advancement of educational choice

About Dick DeVos

The West Michigan billionaire is a prominent name in America’s corporate circles. He comes from a family of renowned entrepreneurs, philanthropists and educational reformers. Together with his wife Betsy, Dick DeVos supports various community projects. His foundation is solely credited with helping overhaul Florida’s education system. By virtue of going through the Forest Hills school system, he fully understands the importance of educational reform. The foundation supports organizations and institutions such as Rehoboth Christian School, Grove City College, Kids Hope USA and the Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan. Dick also founded and runs the West Michigan Aviation Academy, Windquest Group and a host of other successful businesses.

Mr. DeVos attended Northwood University from where he graduated in 1974. He joined Amway as a junior-ranking employee but scaled the ranks rapidly to become the multinational’s vice president within ten years. While serving as the firm’s VP, he was also put in charge the firm’s activities in 18 countries. Mr. DeVos actively participates in different political programs organized by the Republican Party. To read more about him, click on: Wikipedia

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